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You’ve gone too far, Gov’t tells Suaram

Suaram has somehow gotten itself into grave trouble by revealing too much ‘truth’ to Malaysians.

Suaram has recently been very active in the Scorpene scandal between Malaysia and France and this may be one of the reasons that it has gotten itself into trouble with the government.

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However, the question that is really concerned is whether Suaram as a NGO had broken the law by registering itself as a company when it is not or did they just revealed truths that is not in the favour of the government.

‘I believe Suaram’s recent activities in bringing the case to the French court is seen as something that is too close to home for PM Najib and his supporters’ says Mustafa K Anuar. The scandal between Malaysia and France Scorpene corruption has led to many dispute and doubts about the government.

This may seems to be a great disadvantage to the government as the election is coming soon. Wong Chin Huat said ‘What the government is doing now is actually a political smearing campaign, to smear the names of the NGS’s which are perceive to be pro-opposition’.

However despite the charges hold against Suaram, Suaram is still standing strong as none of this charges has a strong legal ground against it.





Section 114A: Protects or Threats

The approval of Evidence Act 114A has called into question about the true meaning of its presence 

The internet has always been a platform whereby people are allowed to have the freedom of expression. Yet now, the internet may be the most dangerous place to speak out.

Evidence Act Section 114A claims to protect the country’s security, to prevent offences, cyber-crime  etc.  But before Section 114A was established, Malaysia has already had sufficient law to protect the security of people and also the country, said Abigail de Vries. Where is the need for this new law?

One indeed has to be responsible of what they are posting on the internet. Yet this law has a backlash towards those who did not actually post it. Wi-Fi owners, web owners or publishers will be the victim of this Act if the author of the content could not be found.

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This may become a threat to those who owns webpage or even internet access providers. They now have the risk at bearing accusation of being guilty until they are proven innocent.

The establishment of Section 114A has led to many disagreements and disapproval of internet users in Malaysia. However authorizations still stand strong on their claims that it is for the country’s own good.

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